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+ 326) Nov. 11: Zoro wakes up to a party hat and glitter. Sanji wishes him a happy birthday.

* 327) Nov. 11: Happy Birthday, Marimo! Zoro's birthday party - set up & party.

+ 328) Nov. 14: Hazama announces NOL is operational, and recruiting. Something about it all just raises Sanji's concerns. (1 reaction post)

+ 329) Nov. 18: Michael is having troubles with teleporting. He drops in on the All Blue.

+ 330) Nov. 18: After viewing Hazama's post, Ace calls a pirate meeting. Worries about Hazama and Tsuzuki are brought up.

+ 331) Nov. 20: {Lantern Storm!} Tsuzuki gets an Indigo ring, and heads off to find Hazama. Sanji comments worriedly.

* 332) Nov. 20: {Lantern Storm!} {Recipe 029} Cooking is a labour of ~love~, after all. Star Sapphire Sanji announces to Nautilus that everyone can come find food at the All Blue.

+ 333) Nov. 21: {Lantern Storm!} Razer makes an announcement to the people of Nautilus regarding the rings. Sanji is worried about the red energy of Ace.

+ 334) Nov. 21: {Lantern Storm!} Aya expresses concern + curiosity about the various powers of the rings. Sanji offers up his help.

+ 335) Nov. 23: {Lantern Storm!} Marty arrives in Nautilus! Sanji greets him and explains a little about Nautilus.

+ 336) Nov. 24: {Lantern Storm!} Miko arrives. Sanji tells her not to be afraid, and offers help.

+ 337) Nov. 24: {Lantern Storm!} Ace is raging around the Western District. Sanji goes in search of him.

+ 338) Dec. 3: After a VERY TENSE + emotionally-draining meeting with Hazama + Tsuzuki, Ace seeks out Sanji's company.

+ 339) Dec. 5: Nautilus's first snow of the season... Sanji knows what THIS means, and wants to get Ace & Zoro involved.

* 340) Dec. 9: Sanji reflects on stuff he figured out during the Lantern storm. He's... UNSETTLED, to say the least, about what he's learned.

+ 341) Dec. 12: Nautilus goes Candid Camera on Katze in the shower. Revealing a distinct 'lack' of something...

+ 342) Dec. 14: Nautilus's annual Christmas light show on Xemnas' tower. Sanji shows his appreciation for the lights.

* 343) Dec. 16: {Recipe 030} A Nose for the Classics. Sanji gets a Pinocchio DVD from the city.

+ 344) Dec. 17: {Xmas Ghosts Storm!} Ace is haunted by MULTIPLE spirits. Sanji interacts with him a few times throughout the storm.

+ 345) Dec. 22: {Xmas Ghosts Storm!} Archer and Five try going out for a date again. Their venue of choice is the Dream of the All Blue.

+ 346) Dec. 24: It's Christmas Eve, and that means the Hogfather's about! Sanji waits up for him late that night.

+ 347) Dec. 25: Shinji + Kaworu are having a date at the All Blue. Sanji takes their food orders.

* 348) Dec. 29: {Recipe 031} Plans for a Party. Sanji announces plans to hold a birthday BBQ for Ace on Jan. 1st.

+ 349) Dec. 31: Rarity announces she plans to go home. Sanji says goodbye + wishes her well.

+ 350) Jan. 1: Ace is drinking his sorrows away on the morning of his birthday. Sanji tells him about the planned party + offers his help with bending flowers.
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