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Date: 2014-06-02 06:44 pm (UTC)
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* 351) Jan. 1: Starting the year off with a party! It's Ace's birthday party, down on the beach.

+ 352) Jan. 4: Lelouch announces plans for a Bending Tournament. Sanji expresses an interest.

* 353) Jan. 14: {Recipe 032} Knock next time! Knock!!! Nautilus accidentally catches Sanji talking to his new Zoro plush toy.

+ 354) Jan. 16: Iason calls Sanji re: take-out, and makes a comment towards Zoro, too. Sanji attempts to remain professional, and not interrupt in his nakama's "fights".

+ 355) Jan. 24: The Bending Tournament! Sanji is in two matches, here.

+ 356) Feb. 1: Luna returns to Nautilus. She looks upset, thus Sanji is concerned.

+ 357) Feb. 8: Death is frying slices of cake. Sanji is torn between horror and curiosity.

+ 358) Feb. 9: Tsuzuki's attempt at melting chocolate fails disasterously. Sanji yells in horror before he realizes who he's yelling at.

* 359) Feb. 11: {Recipe 033} The Day of Love Approaches. Sanji offers romantic dinners at the All Blue for Valentine's.

* 360) Feb. 14: It's Valentine's Day - Again. Valentine's Day shenangians abound with gifts of flowers + the evening dinners.

+ 361) Feb. 14: Bart is asking if anyone knows where Wally is. To his regret, Sanji realizes Wally's probably gone back to Sleep.

+ 362) Mar. 1: There's a new weather reporter in Nautilus. Sanji is concerned about an old one returning.

+ 363) Mar. 2: Zoro announces that it's Sanji's birthday. Suprised, Sanji thanks him for the thought.

+ 364) Mar. 3: Elsa arrives in Nautilus. Sanji tries to take a step back into his normal demeanor, and fawns over the lovely lady.

+ 365) Mar. 3: Mary Poppins arrives in Nautilus. Her arrival - and reaction to it - seems to have taken everyone a little by surprise.

+ 366) Mar. 13: A singing frog in Nautilus? NOT an amusing thing for a certain group of people.

* 367) Mar. 21: {Half & Half Storm!} {Recipe 034} Bodacious Bouncing Bazongas! Sanji wakes up to find himself a little... different.

+ 368) Mar. 21: {Half & Half Storm!} Ace got turned into a lady, too! Sanji is conflicted.

* 369) Mar. 23: {Half & Half Storm!} {Recipe 035} Anyone Wanna Go Shopping? Sanji's been split in two, now, too... and the female side wants to go shopping!

+ 370) Mar. 23: {Half & Half Storm!} Let's go shopping, ladies! Sanji's thread in Lucas's shopping log post.

+ 371) Mar. 24: {Half & Half Storm!} Catch-all female!Zoro log. Sanji can't help but interact with the Marimo.

+ 372) Mar. 30: Danny returns to Nautilus! And doesn't appear to remember anything.

+ 373) Apr. 1: The storm's over, but Zoro's still a lady. Sanji has a gut feeling this will be awkward.

* 374) Apr. 2: Love's Courses Ne'er Did Run Smoothly. Sanji ruminates on what turns his life has taken after the latest storm.

* 375) Apr. 2: {Recipe 036} A Couple of Announcements. Sanji explains about his restaurant to newbies, and offers up the women's clothes he wore during the storm (save one).
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