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+ 76) Mar.28: Eddard asks about starting an organized guard. The idea of an 'army' puts Sanji a little on guard.

+ 77) Apr. 1: Riddler captures Lily and sends her through a puzzle. Sanji is worried for the lady (and angry at her rough treatment).

+ 78) Apr. 10: Death announces that the Dark Aeon is approaching. Sanji responds with worry due to Orihime's capture by it.

+ 79) Apr. 11: Dana's nightmare. Sanji is worried but unable to help.

* 80) Apr. 12: Twisted Memories Sanji's nightmare takes him back to that time on the rock.

+ 81) Apr. 15: Wally finds himself alone in a blank city. Sanji sympathizes, and tries to find him.

+ 82) Apr. 23: Dana wakes from another nightmare. Sanji is still concerned.

+ 83) May 2: Raye proposes unwinding the chains. Sanji offers protection for the ladies, or he'll do it himself.

+ 84) May 3: Six posts that he's helped to stock a lot of the Welcome Houses with food. Sanji responds in saying that he helped to stock the Southern Welcome House as well.

+ 85) May 8: Kergan warns everyone of the upcoming battle. Sanji doesn't like the idea of running away.

+ 86) May 9: Nash kills Neriae. Sanji does NOT take it well.

+ 87) May 9: Antovil says it's time to fight or flee. Sanji chooses fight.

+ 88) May 9: Lelouch is taking a tally of who's staying and who's leaving. Sanji says he'll fight.

+ 90) May 12: Dana faces off a ghostly Ratboy. Sanji is proud of her.

+ 91) May 14: Puddlespawn start infesting the city. En-route to kick away the tentacles, Sanji runs across some and fights.

+ 92) May 18: Gwen gets attacked by someone off-camera. Sanji calls out in concern.

+ 93) May 21: Death requests help for an injured Dana. Sanji replies in concern.

+ 94) May 23: Dana posts that she's feeling a little better. Sanji is glad to hear that.

+ 95) May 25: Lelouch asks for a sit-rep. Sanji responds.

+ 96) May 29: Batman warns everyone out of the Southern District, due to Pyramid Head returning. Sanji asks why/what is that thing.

+ 97) June 3: Thomas returns in bad shape, and briefly mentions Orihime. Sanji asks about her.

* 98) June 5: And what do they say about good intentions? Sanji attempts to save Orhime from PH. It goes as well as you'd expect.

+ 99) June 8: The big attack against PH. Controlled-Sanji tries to interfere.

+ 100) June 16: Nautilus pulls itself away from Puddles. Sanji has control of himself again.
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