Date: 2012-08-25 10:00 pm (UTC)
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+ 101) June 16: Peter Pan Bends up a flying pirate ship. Sanji asks to board, to help fight.

+ 102) June 16: The BIG fight! Sanji joins the fight on Peter's ship.

+ 103) June 23(16): Danny suggests healing the Aeon. Sanji is torn. Briefly.

+ 104) July 3(?): Orihime's recovering. Sanji goes to visit before going home.

* 105) July 3(?): {Recipe 005} A Longing for the Familiar Sanji goes home.

* 106) July 19: {Recipe 006} One Dynamic Entry Sanji returns after getting hit by Enel's bolt for the 1st time.

+ 107) July 25: Nash makes a post to the network re: the upcoming storm. Sanji confronts him about Neriae's death.

+ 108) July 28: {Drunk/High Storm} High!Doc Holiday is hungry. Drunk!Sanji offers to cook.

* 109) July 28: {Drunk/High Storm} {Recipe 007} Drunken Ramblings. Sanji proposes a swimsuit competition, and mutters about building his restaurant.

+ 110) July 30: {Drunk/High Storm} Beverly has made friends with a spider. Sanji freaks a little.

+ 111) July 30: {Drunk/High Storm} Luna's a human! Sanji says hello.

* 112) July 30: {Drunk/High Storm} Tea for two, and two for tea. Sanji and Luna chat over a spot of tea.

+ 113) Aug. 4: Holiday apologizes for dragging Sanji out to cook for her. Sanji says he was happy to.

+ 114) Aug. 5: Clover arrives. Sanji expresses concern.

+ 115) Aug. 5: Lelouch suggests a festival. Sanji offers his cooking services.

+ 116) Aug. 5: Tally returns to Nautilus! Sanji attempts to flirt.

+ 117) Aug. 5: Starscream returns! And he's loud.

+ 118) Aug. 8: Nautilus catches Holiday in the shower. With a tarantula on her head.

+ 119) Aug. 11: Danny's (magical) obsession with Sam is bordering the level of creepy. Even for Sanji.

+ 120) Aug. 12: Another pretty girl - Sam - arrives! Sanji says hello in his typical fashion.

+ 121) Aug. 12: The Riddler returns! Sanji says don't cause trouble for the ladies.

+ 122) Aug. 15: The Nautilus Festival! Sanji cooks the feast + interacts in a few spots.

+ 123) Aug. 18: Zim arrives in Nautilus. He and Dib are LOUD. Sanji suggests drinks.

+ 124) Aug. 19: Vlad posts to the network. Sanji thinks there's something fake about him. (just 1 post)

+ 125) Aug. 19: Michelangelo arrives. Sanji gives him an abbreviated welcome spiel.
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