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Date: 2012-12-02 08:05 pm (UTC)
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+ 151) Oct. ?: (backdated) Orihime heads off to check other worlds. Sanji hopes she stays safe.

+ 152) Oct. 6: Nash (after Xemnas) warns of a storm coming. Sanji asks if there are any more details.

+ 153) Oct. 7: Rialynn is heading home. Sanji wishes her a safe trip.

* 154) Oct. 8: {Time-shift Storm} Far From Home... Kid!Sanji wakes up in a strange place, and thinks he's been kidnapped.

+ 155) Oct. 9: {Time-shift Storm} A swashbuckling England has arrived! Kid!Sanji asks if he's a pirate.

+ 156) Oct. 11: {Time-shift Storm} Dark Mikey suggests playing kick-the-kid. kid!Sanji strongly objects to that.

+ 157) Oct. 12: {Time-shift Storm} It's Holiday's and Six's Wedding! kid!Sanji is intrigued by the reception party.

* 158) Oct. 13: {Time=shift Storm} Time to go exploring! kid!Sanji checks out places in Nautilus.

+ 159) Oct. 15: The storm is over, and Jendayi asks the kids she cared for if they remember anything. Sanji says it's all fuzzy, but gives his thanks for her care.

+ 160) Oct. 17: Holiday has BAD LUCK with bathtubs. Sanji runs over in an attempt to help.

* 161) Oct. 18: {Recipe 012} A Quick Trip Home Sanji asks if he can use the Eastern Gate to go home for a quick canon update.

* 162) Oct. 23: {Recipe 013} Open For Business! Sanji returns home and declares the Dream of the All Blue open.

+ 163) Oct. 26: Kid breaks out of his prison. Fights ensue.

+ 164) Oct. 30: Ratchet posts his farewell. He says something that really makes Sanji think.

+ 165) Oct. 31: Luna tries to get her human form back. A tumble makes Sanji worry.

+ 166) Oct. 31: Discord leaves 'gifts' for everyone in Nautilus. Sanji gets a trick - of spiders.

+ 167) Oct. 31 (forward dated): Nautilus wants everyone to take part in Halloween. Sanji gets a fancy mummy-like costume.

* 168) Nov. 1: {Recipe 014} The Next Piece of the Collection Sanji receives 3 glass jars with marimo in them from the city.

+ 169) Nov. 8: Kid apologizes for his attacks. Sanji tells him he needs to conquer this demon in him.

+ 170) Nov. 11: Ariel asks what bellows are. Sanji goes gaga over the mermaid.

+ 171) Nov. 12: The Ascensions are announced! Sanji congratulates Doc Holiday.

+ 172) Nov. 13: Jendayi is heartbroken that Drift is gone. Sanji expresses concern.

+ 173) Nov. 15: Eric expresses his concern for Jendayi. Sanji voices his concern, too.

+ 174) Nov. 15: Ahri sees something familiar. And it shoots at her.

+ 175) Nov. 21: Sam comes to get some training to be a waitress at Sanji's restaurant. Can she put up with him?
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