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Date: 2013-02-14 07:35 am (UTC)
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+ 176) Nov. 26: Lelouch mentions he'll be leaving to help Ratchet in fixing a world. Sanji wishes him good luck.

+ 177) Nov. 27: Danny offers practice against mind-control. Sanji takes him up on that offer.

+ 178) Nov. 28: Jendayi says she's going home for a bit. Sanji worries and wishes her a safe trip.

+ 179) Dec. 1: The Tower puts on a festive light show again. In remembering it, Sanji realizes he's been here a year, now.

+ 180) Dec. 3: Korra does some training. Sanji is impressed.

+ 181) Dec. 3: Lily explodes something in the Eastern Welcome House. Sanji asks if she's okay.

* 182) Dec. 5: {Recipe 015} Well that's ONE way to take your mind off brooding... While reflecting on being here one year... suddenly, two feet of snow!

* 183) Dec. 9: {Recipe 016} Old habits are hard to break. Nautilus gives Sanji a 1-year anniversary gift... of replacing all his cigarettes with lollipops.

+ 184) Dec. 9: Jendayi returns, covered in blood. Sanji is, of course, concerned.

+ 185) Dec. 10: Jinnai volunteers himself as leader in fighting the Storm!Christmas!monsters. Sanji says no way.

+ 186) Dec. 16: RoboSanta surfaces from the depths to attack Nautilus again. Sanji can barely believe what he's seeing.

+ 187) Dec. 16: Nautilus pulls together to fight off the evil RoboSanta! erm... Happy Holidays, everyone?

* 188) Dec. 21: `Tis the Season of Giving. Sanji makes his rounds through the city, giving people their gifts.

+ 189) Dec. 21: Ariel sings a Christmas carol. Sanji is naturally entranced.

+ 190) Dec. 24: Death, Rex + Death the Kid continue their yearly Hogfather routine. This year, Sanji gets a visit.

+ 191) Dec. 25: Zoro arrives in Nautilus. Sanji is shocked to see one of his nakama here in Nautilus.

* 192) (backdated to) Dec. 25: Settling the Marimo In. Sanji brings Zoro back to his place, and explains Nautilus to him.

+ 193) Jan. 11: Jack opens up his combo candy/tailor shop. Sanji says he'd probably become a regular customer.

* 194) Jan. 12: {Recipe 017} In lieu of milk cartons. Zoro's been 'missing' from home for a while. Sanji puts out a 'missing Marimo' call.

+ 195) Jan. 15: Michael - crudely - asks how the ladies take care of their 'needs' in Nautilus. Sanji yells at him for his lack of manners.

+ 196) Jan. 17: Ed and Zoro spar. Sanji observes.

+ 197) Jan. 19: Jendayi is sick. Sanji asks if there's anything he could do.

* 198) Jan. 21: Collar Storm! Collared!Sanji prepares a nice breakfast for Zoro. Zoro is a little freaked out.

+ 199) Jan. 21: Collar Storm! England wonders 'what the bloody hell is wrong' with everyone. Sanji tells him not to worry.

* 200) Jan. 23: Collar Storm! {Recipe 018) Time for a Tea Party? Sanji asks Ginko if he wants to come over for tea + biscuits.
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