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Date: 2013-03-24 09:10 pm (UTC)
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+ 201) Jan. 24: Collar Storm! Clover is 500% done with the storm. Sanji suggests tea and cake.

+ 202) Jan. 24: Collar Storm! Nash checks in on how everyone is. Sanji says they're all fine.

+ 203) Jan. 26: Collar Storm! Black*Star tries snapping the collared out by showing them pics of scantily-clad ladies. The non-collared are the ones with the big reactions.

* 204) Jan. 28: Venting Frustrations. Sanji broods and kicks rocks out to sea, upset over his actions during the storm.

+ 205) Jan. 29: Ace comes to Nautilus! He says he's starving, and there's no way Sanji'd let Luffy's brother go hungry!

+ 206) Jan. 29: Sanji brings Ace home. Unaware of the little 'bet' Zoro and Ace made to each other earlier.

+ 207) Jan. 31: Antovil returns to Nautilus. His news isn't good.

+ 208) Feb. 3: Lelouch makes a post to the network. Having missed his arrival, Sanji welcomes him back.

+ 209) Feb. 3: Ace + Zoro discuss 'directions' through Nautilus. Sanji's getting a headache from here.

+ 210) Feb. 6: Zoro gets the broken Yubashiri back. He and Sanji have a chat on the balcony.

+ 211) Feb. 9: Dana's back to normal, and asks for her cat back. Sanji replies.

+ 212) Feb. 11: Valentine's Storm! Zoro gets hit by a Cupid. Ace + Sanji have to deal (Sanji comes in after the initial #213 log entry).

* 213) Feb. 11: Valentine's Storm! Roses, roses everywhere! Sanji wakes up to find his restaurant covered with rose petals.

* 214) (backdated to) Feb. 12: Valentine's Storm! When the cold wind blows... Sanji gets struck by a hate arrow, and Zoro is the first person he sees...

* 215) Feb. 14: Valentine's Storm! {Recipe 019} Valentine's Treats for the Ladies! Sanji has baked tons of sweet treats for the ladies on this romantic day.

* 216) (backdated to) Feb. 15: {Recipe 020} Regrets. The storm is over, and Sanji calls Zoro, asking him to come back home.

+ 217) Feb. 16: Rex starts rebooting. It definitely doesn't look good...

+ 218) Feb. 16: Rex Rebooting Log event! Sanji joins the fray.

* 219) Feb. 23: {Recipe 021} Well this is just DUCKY! Sanji is turned into a DUCK by Nautilus. Quack quack.

* 220) Feb. 25: Getting one's (webbed) feet wet. Duck!Sanji attempts to learn how to swim in Nautilus's canals.

+ 221) Feb. 26: Robin arrives in Nautilus. Sanji is overjoyed to see her.

+ 222) Feb. 27: Pitch reveals himself, Rex + Death to the Network. It's unsettling.

+ 223) Feb. 27: Zoro says for all the Strawhats to gather at the All Blue. Sanji worries, and works at bending lights around the house.

+ 224) Feb. 27: Lelouch starts organizing people. Sanji fills him in a little on what's going on at the All Blue.

+ 225) Feb. 27: The Strawhats bunker down for Pitch's event. Multi-day/character log.
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