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* 226) Mar. 2: A fine time for a party... It's Sanji's birthday, and to celebrate/lift everyone's spirits, he cooks a feast for them.

+ 227) Mar. 9: Pitch reveals his Wakened-turned-Fearlings to the network. Once he threatens Nami, Sanji rages back at him.

+ 228) Mar. 9: After the bickering on Pitch's post, Zoro goes to find Sanji for a talk.

+ 229) Mar. 10: Lelouch makes an announcement to the city, re:Pitch. Sanji explains his situation; he's willing to fight, but his nakama come first.

* 230) (backdated to) Mar. 10: Batten Down the Hatches. Sanji makes preparations for the final tuck-in before the big attack.

+ 231) Mar. 14: Jinnai is recruiting an 'army'. Sanji thinks he's selling stuff and shuts the door in his face.

+ 232) Mar. 14: Nott asks if anyone has heard from Jendayi. Sanji is worried to learn she's gone missing.

+ 233) Mar. 15: Pitch makes his attack! The Strawhats fight off the Nightmares outside of the All Blue.

+ 234) Mar. 18: Lelouch makes a general post to the network. Sanji asks about advanced bending classes.

+ 235) Mar. 20: Ginko's heading home for a bit. Sanji wishes him a safe trip.

+ 236) Mar. 21: Sonic drops by for some chilidogs and a race. Sanji hasn't heard of this type of food before...

+ 237) Mar. 23: Zoro's exhausted. Sanji makes something for him to eat.

+ 238) Mar. 23: Tenzin says goodbye and thank you to the Strawhats. Sanji wishes him safe journeys.

+ 239) Mar. 23: Wally returns to Nautilus. Sanji wants to speak to him, re: Jendayi's falling back Asleep.

+ 240) Mar. 27: Robin decides to have a little fun with her crew/Nautilus, and changes their hair colours. Sanji doesn't appreciate being a Marimo.

+ 241) Mar. 29: Calhoun arrives in Nautilus. Sanji asks if she needs any help.

+ 242) Mar. 31: Clover makes a post calling out to Sam. Sanji responds.

+ 243) Mar. 31: Zoro says he's going off on a journey. Sanji asks what that's about.

+ 244) Apr. 11: Ahri is going home. Sanji wishes her a safe trip.

+ 245) Apr. 12: {Acadamy Storm!} Clover's eating lunch. Sanji asks to join her.

+ 246) Apr. 12: {Acadamy Storm!} Zoro's trying to find the gym. Naturally, this will take a while.

+ 247) Apr. 12: {Acadamy Storm!} Shinichi says he's going to be late to practice again. Sanji teases him about it.

+ 248) Apr. 13 (dated to 15): {Acadamy Storm!} Sandy's art class. Sanji draws up cake designs.

+ 249) Apr. 13 (dated to 15): {Acadamy Storm!} Katze's health class. Sanji's just in it for the potential to see boobs.

* 250) Apr. 15: {Acadamy Storm!} Howcome you're hidin'? Sanji goes for a smoke behind the gym, and wonders about which girl to ask to prom.
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