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+ 251) Apr. 15 (dated to 16): {Acadamy Storm!} Luna's etiquette class. Sanji flirts with the pretty teacher.

+ 252) Apr. 17: {Acadamy Storm!} Wally's organizing a capture-the-flag game. Sanji thinks that sounds fun.

+ 253) Apr. 18: {Acadamy Storm!} Jinnai declares himself Student President. Sanji says that's not how that works.

+ 254) Apr. 19: {Acadamy Storm!} Rarity is looking for a date + models. Sanji volunteers for both.

+ 255) Apr. 20: {Acadamy Storm!} It's PROOOOOOOM!!! Time for dancing and mingling and drinking and fun! ^_^

+ 256) Apr. 21: Eric (the cavalier) wants to know what the heck just happened. Sanji isn't too helpful.

+ 257) Apr. 22: Zoro announces that Nami has gone back to sleep. Sanji is - understandably - distressed.

+ 258) Apr. 25: Ahri returns. Sanji welcomes her back.

+ 259) Apr. 28: Danny offers the possession-rebuffing classes again. Sanji takes him up on those.

+ 260) Apr. 28: Ace goes crabbing. Sanji goes over dishes he could make with those.

+ 261) Apr. 30: New arrival Minako is trying to use the Gates, without much luck. Sanji asks if she's okay.

+ 262) Apr. 30: Wally finds out that Nightwing has gone back to sleep. Sanji certainly can sympathize, and offers comfort food.

+ 263) Apr. 30: Michael makes a dismissive comment towards the ladies. Sanji takes offence.

* 264) May 1: {Recipe 022} Welcoming the newcomers. Sanji informs the newcomers/citizens that may have missed the info about his restaurant.

+ 265) May 4: Lelouch announces plans for Advanced Bending classes. Sanji expresses interest.

+ 266) May 11: Robin's attempts at working her powers don't quite work the way she expects. Sanji lectures the guys in the house.

+ 267) May 20: Jendayi returns to Nautilus. Sanji is overjoyed to see her.

+ 268) May 30: Danny's fighting-possession course. Sanji's a little wary, but ready for the lessons.

* 269) May 31: {PowerSwap Storm!} {Recipe 023} No Empty Tummies on My Watch! With the storm making Bending impossible, Sanji reassures everyone that he'll feed them.

+ 270) May 31: {PowerSwap Storm!} Ahri isn't pleased to find out how the storm changed her. Sanji's a little let down, too.

+ 271) June 2: {PowerSwap Storm!} Luna's acting a little oddly. Sanji asks if everything's okay.

+ 272) June 5: {PowerSwap Storm!} The nightmares are bothering Rarity. Sanji asks if she'd like him to chase them off.

+ 273) June 8: Luna apologizes for acting 'like a cat' during the storm. Sanji says not to worry.

+ 274) June 13: Ahri is back to normal! Sanji is entranced by what she's wearing.

+ 275) June 14: Sandy says he'll be trying out his dream sand that night. Sanji - reluctantly at first - agrees to try it out.
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