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+ 276) June 16: Zoro says he's bored. Sanji masks his concern through teasing.

* 277) June 16: {Recipe 023} A Dad by Any Other Name... Sanji receives some Father's Day gifts from the city.

+ 278) June 18: Rapunzel explores Nautilus. Sanji runs across her at the Eastern beach.

+ 279) June 21: It's a Beach Party! Sanji takes part in the festivities.

* 280) July 3: Empty Spaces Sanji morosely ruminates on Nami, nakama, and his Bending.

+ 281) July 8: Wheeljack informs everyone that Jendayi has gone back to sleep. Sanji is saddened by this news.

+ 282) July 8: Rapunzel cut her foot on a rock, and realizes her powers are gone. Sanji offers help.

* 283) July 14: {Desire Storm!} And Another One Gone. Sanji discovers that Robin has gone back to Sleep.

+ 284) July 15: {Desire Storm!} Soul mentions he's hungry. That, of course, gets Sanji's attention.

+ 285) July 15: {Desire Storm!} And Mike wants pizza. What is this? The "munchies" storm?

+ 286) July 18: {Desire Storm!} Zoro's greatest desire is to go home. Sanji goes to confront him/see him off.

+ 287) July 24: Lelouch offers private Advanced Bending lessons. Sanji asks to be signed up for those.

+ 288) July 30: {Recipe 024} Time for introductions, again. Sanji introduces himself and tells the newcomers where to find food.

+ 289) Aug. 1: Sabryn's Harvest Feast. Sanji naturally helps out with the food.

+ 290) Aug. 1: Zoro returns to Nautilus. He doesn't look very good; at all.

+ 291) Aug. 4: Nott makes a discovery. Sanji recognizes it as being Ahri's, and doesn't like the implications.

+ 292) Aug. 4: Rex announces that Clover's gone back to Sleep. Sanji is upset by the loss of so many ladies to Sleep, lately.

+ 293) Aug. 6: Jack's unintentional blizzard hits. Sanji says people can come bunker down at the restaurant, and calls for Ace.

+ 294) Aug. 6: Rapunzel is stuck up a tree during the blizzard. Sanji says he'll come rescue her.

+ 295) Aug. 7: Luna's garden has been destroyed by the storm. Sanji offers his assistance.

+ 296) Aug. 14: Suzaku's junk food doesn't seem to be agreeing with him. Sanji offers to cook him a better meal.

* 297) Aug. 17: {Altered Memories storm!} {Recipe 025} No Slacking Off On My Watch! Papa!Sanji wonders where his 'brats' are...

+ 298) Aug. 17: {Altered Memories storm!} Zoro comes to move the weights from Sanji's place. Sanji doesn't remember who he is. :(

+ 299) Aug. 25: Ratchet returns to Nautilus. Sanji is distracted from his work, briefly, to note his return.

* 300) Aug. 25: The Guilt Weighs Heavy. Sanji feels guilty for having forgotten his nakama, and can't resist the urge to return home anymore.
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