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* 1) Dec. 9: Sanji enters Nautilus... and arrives in the Western District. (Sanji comes immediately from after arriving in Yuba)

+ 2) Dec. 9: Death welcomes all the newbies to Nautilus. Sanji is, understandably, a little freaked out.

+ 3) Dec. 10: Sideswipe makes a 'friendly' post to the network. Sanji isn't impressed.

* 4) Dec. 11: Sanji finally gets to the Southern District, and asks if there's a place he can stay. (will give cooking lessons to Dana on the evening of the 12th)

+ 5) Dec. 11/12: Someone says something rude about a lady. Sanji objects.

+ 6) Dec. 12: Winter coats for everyone! Sanji expresses an interest.

+ 7) Dec. 12: Sanji meets Thomas, caretaker of the Southern Welcome House.

+ 8) Dec. 12: Deva Antovil makes a post to the network. Sanji replies.

+ 9) Dec. 13: Dana dances, Sanji pays a compliment.

+ 10) Dec. 14: Kergan asks for people to make snowmen, Sanji of course goes gaga over the girl.

* 11) Dec. 14: Sanji broods on what it means to him, to be in Nautilus. Sanji isn't in the happiest of moods...

+ 12) Dec. 14/15: A Dating Game in Nautilus? Yes, please, from Sanji.

+ 13) Dec. 15/16: Lelouch offers cake! He also seems a little loopy...

+ 14) Dec. 16: Sideswipe warns about the city poisoning food. Sanji, of course, is enraged at this.

+ 15) Dec. 16: Orihime grew Christmas-flavoured fruits! Sanji is curious about them (and her).

+ 16) Dec. 16: Xemnas (by way of Nautilus), can really put on a nice Christmas light show! Sanji is impressed. (just the 1 reaction comment)

+ 17) Dec. 17: Raye makes a post, welcoming the newcomers. Sanji says hello.

* 18) Dec. 18: Sanji offers up his services in preparing Christmas Dinners. Gets a birthday cake request from Gwen, due Tuesday.

+ 19) Dec. 19: Orihime has a sad discovery. Sanji is concerned.

* 20) Dec. 19: Mistletoe in Nautilus? Sanji's in heaven.

+ 21) Dec. 20: Lelouch apologizes for the cake thing Sanji says no worries.

+ 22) Dec. 20: It's Gwen + Ben's birthday. Sanji goes to deliver the cake.

+ 23) Dec. 25: The Riddler has set bombs around the city. Sanji thinks it's a shitty thing to do.

+ 24) Dec. 25: At Arkham Asylum. The search for more clues/the bombs begins.

+ 25) Dec. 26: On the hunt for the 1st bomb. With an electrified floor. Where's Luffy when you need him..?
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