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* 26) Dec. 26: {Recipe 001} Waking Up...Again Sanji wakes up TRUELY, in the Eastern District.

+ 27) Jan. 1: Hekket asks why people stay in Nautilus. Sanji replies.

+ 28) Jan. 6: Rialynn goes riding through the Districts. Sanji runs across her in the south.

+ 29) Jan. 7: The Paperboy makes his rounds. Sanji gets beaned.

+ 30) Jan. 8: Rex loses his heart. It's unsettling enough for even Sanji to comment.

+ 31) Jan. 11: Nicci re-arrives in Nautilus, in bad shape. Sanji panics a little and sees BOOBIES!

+ 32) Jan. 13: {Truth Storm!} Axel lets slip that - if the stakes were high enough - he'd kill most in Nautilus Sanji thanks him for the heads-up.

+ 33) Jan. 13: {Truth Storm!} Lara admits that she's never been in a romantic relationship. Sanji admits that he's never been in one, either.

+ 34) Jan. 13: {Truth Storm!} Zaran misses home. Sanji commiserates.

+ 35) Jan. 13: {Truth Storm!} Chie's trying to cook! Sanji offers encouragement.

+ 36) Jan. 14: {Truth Storm!} Circe reflects on her life and Nautilus. Sanji comments. He starts thinking, and makes an unsettling connection between All Blue and Nautilus.

+ 37) Jan. 14: {Truth Storm!} Chie comments on not getting a date. Sanji volunteers.

+ 38) Jan. 14: {Truth Storm!} Hikaru asks if anyone has any dark secrets. Sanji finds himself answering.

* 39) Jan. 14: {Truth Storm!} {Recipe 002} The Truth Comes Out. Sanji reveals to Nautilus that he's a pirate.

+ 40) Jan. 16: {Truth Storm!} Rex's heart returns! Sanji is sympathetic, but doesn't comment (just 1 post).

+ 41) Jan. 19: {Truth Storm!} Orihime calls everyone in the singles column. Sanji gets a call.

+ 42) Jan. 21: Sanji's date with Orihime. He tells her about his crew.

+ 43) Jan. 22: Rex goes skydiving. Sanji comments.

+ 44) Jan. 23: Po works off some frustration through martial arts. Sanji is impressed.

+ 45) Jan. 24: Lelouch comments on the dark city. Sanji asks about it, and about 'Combat Bending'.

+ 46) Jan. 26: Legato returns to Nautilus. The guy puts Sanji's guard up. (just 1 post)

+ 47) Jan. 27: Lelouch warns Nautilus about Legato. Sanji asks some questions.

+ 48) Jan. 30: Rex warns Nautilus that Six might come back dangerous. Sanji agrees to give Rex a heads-up.

+ 49) Jan. 30: The girls have a "Ladies' Night" at the spa. Sanji goes to peep make sure the girls are safe, with Legato on the loose.

+ 50) Jan. 31: Ben reveals Haibara hasn't been eating. Sanji is concerned.
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