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+ 51) Jan. 31: Sanji brings soup + easy-to-digest foods for Haibara.

* 52) Feb. 6: (Thanks to a playful Kergan) Sanji gets the urge to deliver flowers. Hijinks ensue.

+ 53) Feb. 8: Gambit is training. Sanji is curious/impressed.

+ 54) Feb. 9: Dana receives a "Twilight" bouquet. Sanji expresses concern.

+ 55) Feb. 10: Haibara thanks those that helped when she collapsed from hunger. Sanji tells her if she ever feels hungry again, to seek him out.

+ 56) Feb. 10: Orihime is handing out flowers. Sanji hands her some too.

+ 57) Feb. 13: Haibara hands out flowers to her helpers. Sanji thanks her.

+ 58) Feb. 14: Orihime gives out Valentine gifts. Sanji is thrilled, and gives her some baking in return.

+ 59) Feb. 15: {FairyTale storm} Orihime is a curious mermaid. Sanji is talking a walk along the beach, near his tower.

+ 60) Feb. 15: {FairyTale storm} Six has been turned into a unicorn Sanji, missing his own, tries to 'claim' this one.

+ 61) Feb. 15: {FairyTale storm} Zevran offers services to 'kidnap' loved ones to be rescued. Sanji takes offence.

+ 62) Feb. 15: {FairyTale storm} Lelouch makes a post, commenting on the 'heroic types' in the city. Sanji responds.

+ 63) Feb. 17: {FairyTale storm} Siren Circe is luring men into the sea Sanji doesn't even need the song to be lured by mermaids.

+ 64) Feb. 18: {FairyTale storm} Lelouch issues some quests. Not learning his lesson from earlier, Sanji goes in search of the mermaid.

* 65) Feb. 23: {Recipe 003} Home, Crumbling Home? Sanji posts to the Network, saying he'll keep the tower, and make it his home + restaurant.

+ 66) Feb. 23: Holiday is still a mermaid after the reality storm ends. Sanji is happy to see a mermaid and be fully aware of it.

+ 67) Feb. 23: Circe apologizes for her actions. Sanji isn't offended and tells her not to worry.

+ 68) Feb. 24: Wally feels sick, and wants soup. Sanji can’t refuse someone food.

+ 69) Feb. 24: Sanji arrives at the museum to help with cooking soup. He runs across Alice in the kitchen.

+ 70) Feb. 25: Hekket makes a post with some bad news. Sanji responds.

* 71) Mar. 2: Another year... younger? Sanji reflects on his 1st birthday in Nautlius.

+ 72) Mar. 3: Circe returns, muzzled. Sanji rushes to help.

+ 73) Mar. 4: Dana's phone sends out a call for help. Sanji can't ignore it.

+ 74) Mar. 4: Sanji makes sure Dana's okay.

* 75) Mar. 17: {Recipe 004} Catching up on some Zs Because Bending is harder in the City, Sanji works himself to exhaustion.
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