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List of links to posts + threads Sanji's been involved in. Newest at top. Posts marked with a '*' are posts he's made himself. Posts marked with a '+' are threads he's commented in.

Posts are ordered roughly chronologically as to when they took place. Archived posts are in the comments, and go from oldest (at top) to newest (at bottom). Archives are bundled in groups of 25. PLEASE do NOT reply to this post!

+ July 17: Training log placeholder.

* 728) July 12: {Recipe 076} And Another One Goes... Sanji announces that Leanne has gone to Sleep.

+ 727) July 11: Jed asks for a bit of help with holding bending training. Sanji says he'll help.

+ 726) July 9: Antovil makes an annoucement to the city. Sanji goes to hear what he's got planned.

+ 725) July 7: Lucas is reminiscing. It hits Sanji that he's been in the city a long time, now.

+ 724) July 5: Rose log placeholder

+ 723) June 30: Sanji joins the group sneaking into Endos' castle. It's a creepy place.

+ 722) June 27: Irene offers drinks to Ascended. Sanji'd like to talk to her. | And later, at the meeting...

+ 721) June 16: There's a group attacking the East Gate. Sanji goes to help defend it.

+ 720) June 16: Four pings everyone re: an attack on the East Gate. Sanji is wondering WTF is happening!

* 719) June 15: Time for Practice. And the log for the opposed bending training.

* 718) June 15: {Recipe 075} Time for some more training. Sanji announces he'll hold some opposed bending lessons.

+ 717) June 15: Endos makes an annoucement. Sanji is not impressed.

+ 716) June 14: Zoro's blind training log! Sanji is practicing in the sea.

+ 715) June 14: Nine is building a boat. He's working all night, and into the morning of the 14th...

+ 714) June 13: Antovil makes a very dire announcement. Sanji says he's ready to fight.

* 713) June 13: {Recipe 074} Storm Clouds on the Horizon. Sanji makes a few announcements, re: the upcoming situation.

+ 712) June 13: Nita shows the plush set of Deva vials. Something about it unnerves Sanji.

+ 711) June 6: Dragoon Rose is pondering how worlds works, past one's death. Sanji offers a few suggestions.

+ 710) June 6: Adela is practicing out on the beach. Sanji comes across her.

+ 709) June 3: Zoro announces some training he'll be doing. Sanji is a little freaked out.

+ 708) June 1: Jane announces the party planning for Adrien. Sanji says he'll host the venue/provide food.

+ 707) May 28: Irene warns the city to keep vigilant. Sanji has a question for her.

+ 706) May 23: Zoro holds a beach party to celebrate his ascension to Angelii. Sanji of course cooks the food. | And ogles dragoon Rose in a bikini! | Helps Adela find some new clothes.

+ 705) May 19: {Pony Storm!} Franky is making carts for everyone! Sanji asks for one of the carts.

+ 704) May 16: {Pony Storm!} Zoro gets his horn stuck in a rock. Sanji goes to help Adela get it off of him.

+ 703) May 15: Pony Storm!} Rose Tyler loves being a pony, and suggests a race. Sanji expresses interest.

+ 702) May 14: {Pony Storm!} Jed is enjoying this storm! Sanji is amused.

+ 701) May 14: {Pony Storm!} Sunset is amused at all the ponies. Sanji thanks her for her explanation on the various types.


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