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Character Information
Character Name: Sanji
Fandom: One Piece
Source: http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Sanji

I apologize in advance for the massive tl;dr stuff going on in here. @_x; I cannot write anything short! *sobs!*

Character History:

When Sanji was 10 years old, he was a kitchen-hand and busboy on the passenger cruise ship, the Orbit. It was there that he first heard the story of the All Blue, the legendary sea where all four Blues meet, and in which all the fish of the world could be found; a sea-cook's paradise. The other cooks laughed at him, and said it was only a fairy tale, but from that moment on, Sanji has made it his goal to find this legendary sea. Their ship was attacked by the Cook Pirates, headed by Captain “Red Leg” Zeff. The pirates robbed the ship, but it was the orders of Zeff not to touch the food stores at all. When he found that one of his crew had gathered a bag of provisions, he rebuked him with a sharp kick - the captain infamous for his lethal fighting style of only using various kicks (so a chef’s precious hands, needed to prepare meals, were protected). Sanji, stubborn and hot-headed even back then, refused to back down and give in to the pirates, and faced off against them. He was easily dealt with, though Zeff was impressed by the boy’s tenacity, and declaration that he couldn’t die here, without seeing the All Blue - a dream that Zeff himself shared.

During the attack, a massive storm had sprung up, and was threatening to capsize both ships. Sanji was swept overboard by a massive wave, and without pausing, Zeff dove in to save him. Both ships were sunk as a result of the storm. The two washed up on a large, tall column of rock in the middle of the open sea. The rock was worn around the center from the waves, with an overhanging lip all around which made getting back up impossible. The rock was also completely barren of all forms of vegetation and life, and too high to fish from. Sanji was unconscious for 2 days, before finally waking up. Zeff had two bags with him, the smaller of which he gave to Sanji. He told him that the small bag contained enough food to last 5 days, or more if rationed carefully. Zeff himself had a much larger bag, which he rationalized by saying he was a much larger man. He told Sanji to wait on one side of the rock, and look for ships passing by, while he would do the same on the other side, and not to make contact with him until he saw a ship. The two were blocked from view of each other by the uneven, jagged spikes of rock.

Alone on the his side of the rock, Sanji managed to keep his hopes up, telling himself that even if he did see a ship he wouldn’t tell Zeff, and he’d survive on his own. Despite his young age, he was still a cook’s apprentice, and was able to stretch out his food into lasting 20 days, by rationing it out to less than 1 meal a day. The depressions in the rock caught the rain, which gave him a fresh source of water. As the days began to wear on, though, Sanji’s hopes and strength started to fade. On the 5th day of being stranded on the rock, Sanji spied a ship sailing close, but a massive storm was raining down at that time, and Sanji was unable to light a signal fire, and the ship sailed on. On the 25th day, Sanji was down to his last moldy piece of bread. He remembered how, back on the Orbit, he had lectured the other cooks for eating customers’ left-over food. He hadn‘t listened to them when they told him how they were “sea-faring cooks“, and how that you never know what could happen at sea, so they never wasted anything. He had scoffed then, but he knew now the lesson they had tried to teach him.

On day 70, weak and tired and nearly delirious from hunger, Sanji decided to go check on whether Zeff was still alive or not, and made his way to the other side of the island. There, he noticed that not only was Zeff still alive, he still had the massive bag with him. Pulling out a knife, he approached the former captain, desperate to get the bag of food no matter what, even if it meant fighting and killing Zeff (still feeling that his being stuck on the rock was all his fault). Sanji cut open the bag, only to be shocked to find that there was no food at all, and instead it was full of treasure. Zeff scoffed on the irony of having a fortune in gold, and not a bite of food to eat, as Sanji approached him, wondering how he had survived.

He was shocked to his core to find that Zeff had hacked off his own right leg, for sustenance, and had given all of his food to Sanji. Without his leg, Zeff could no longer fight, and no longer be a pirate, and Sanji wanted to know why Zeff would sacrifice all that for a kid he didn’t even know, and who hadn’t given him any reason to be so kind to. Zeff then went on to explain that the two shared the dream of finding the All Blue. He had searched the Grand Line for a year for it, but never found it. Zeff also had felt the pangs of hunger while being far out to sea, and that’s why he ordered his crew to never take the food from the ships they robbed. Like the cooks of the Orbit, Zeff knew to never waste food at sea, and this harsh lesson was passed on to Sanji. Zeff had a dream to build a floating restaurant at sea, where sailors of all types could come, if they were hungry. In tears, Sanji promised Zeff that he would help him build his restaurant, and make his dream come true, aware of just how much Zeff had sacrificed, to save his life.

Finally, on the 85th day after being stranded on that rock, the ship Sanji had seen passing by on that 5th day came past again, and this time spotted them, finally rescuing the two. Using the treasure he had, Zeff was able to purchase the restaurant ship he’d dreamed of, naming it the Baratie. Sanji stayed with him, intent on repaying the debt he owed. They eventually gathered a crew of cooks, some rough individuals and former pirates as well. The Baratie became famous, the customers began coming not only for the exquisite cuisine, but also to watch the “fighting chefs” mix it up with belligerent customers and pirates alike.

For 9 years, Sanji lived and worked hard on the Baratie, training not only in all manner of cooking, but also learning Zeff’s fighting style. Zeff and Sanji often bickered and fought with each other verbally, both too proud and stubborn to show any softer emotions around each other. Exchanges were filled with snark and insults, lessons given with a strong kick, but there was an unspoken, deep bond between the two that no harsh words or bone-cracking kicks could break. As he grew older, Sanji became the sous-chef under Zeff, and a highly skilled cook in his own right. He still steadfastly refused to leave the Baratie and to begin following his own dream, feeling that he still owed Zeff a huge debt for saving his life. He swore to himself to stick by the man forever, and make sure his new dream survived.

Then, one day, a stray cannon ball fell through the roof of Zeff’s room, a mis-directed bounce by one Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. It was another turn of Fate, again changing Sanji’s life forever. Seeing Sanij’s kindness in giving a starving, penniless pirate food, Luffy asked him to join his crew, but Sanji refused, still wanting to keep his oath to protect Zeff’s dream. There were factors, however, that were starting to strain his resolve. Sanji was immediately captivated by their navigator, Nami. When Zoro faced off against Mihawk, he saw just how far, and how dedicated the members of this crew were in following their dreams. And when Luffy helped defend the Baratie against a powerful pirate captain, Sanji saw how his “spear of grit and determination” was much stronger than any weapon ever could be. Zeff knew that Sanji would be able to find his dream sailing with this crew, and finally convinced him to join the Straw Hats. Sanji became the fourth member to join Luffy, taking on the position of ship’s cook.

Immediately after leaving the Baratie, the crew sailed to Nami’s island, where they fought with Arlong, captain of the Fishman Pirates, and who had been holding Nami’s island under martial law, and keeping Nami a slave (by hanging the price of buying back the island over her), forcing her to draw maps for him. The newly-united crew trounced Arlong and his pirates, freeing the island and freeing Nami to travel with them. After a pit stop in Loguetown, they headed for Reverse Mountain, the entrance to the Grand Line.

At Whisky Peak, they ran across a girl named Vivi, who was the princess of the desert kingdom of Alabasta. She had gone undercover as a member of the Baroque Works, an organization infiltrating and working at bringing down her country. The Straw Hats accepted her into their crew, and vowed to help Vivi stop Baroque Works, and bring peace back to her country. En-route to Alabasta, they landed on Little Garden, where Sanji intercepted a phone call from “Mr. 0”, the head of Baroque Works, and managed to convince him that the Straw Hats were disposed of, getting them off their backs for the time. He also found an Eternal Log Pose to Alabasta there as well. (This setting was also the place where Sanji and Zoro first started to develop their ‘rivalry’ with each other.) After leaving Little Garden, Nami became extremely ill, and needed urgent medical attention. They traveled to Drum Island, in search of a doctor. Luffy set off to find a doctor, carrying Nami on his back, with Sanji coming along as protection. While attempting to scale the mountain where the only doctor was living, an avalanche was triggered, the group trying to make an escape on a makeshift sled. An rock with jagged tree stumps appeared in their way, and to ensure that Nami was not hurt, Sanji tossed Luffy and her away, and was struck in the back by the impact, knocking him unconcious. Luffy struggled to scale the sheer, tall mountain carrying both of them, and was eventually successful, reaching the home of Dr. Kureha, and her protégé, Chopper (a reindeer that had eaten the Human-Human Devil Fruit, gaining sentience and speech). He suffered six broken ribs and a fractured spine, but was healed - as was Nami - by the doctor.

The Straw Hats had a run-in with Bon Clay, aka Mr. 2 of the Baroque Works. They, however, didn’t recognize each other, and struck up a friendship. Bon Clay had the ability to transform his features into whoever he touched with his right hand. Sanji, though, was below decks when this meeting took place, so Bon Clay was unaware of his existence (leading to Mr. 0 - the Shichibukai, Crocodile - to think he had captured all the Straw Hats later, when Sanji and Chopper were still free). After this, they finally arrived in Alabasta, and began their journey to the city where Vivi said the Rebel Army was camped. When they arrived in Yuba, they were informed that the rebels had changed their base of operations, as the city had become consumed by the desert.

It’s at this point that Sanji was pulled into Nautilus as part of the Guest Event.

Sanji arrived in the Western District, and was understandably confused. Upon some explanations, Sanji was none-too-happy to learn his life back home was all a “dream”, and more, that if he ever returned home, he would have no control over his own actions anymore; that his whole life had already been written out, from beginning to end. To have no control over his own destiny made him feel as if any of his actions back home were in a sense, pointless, as he felt it wouldn’t be “him” fighting, or discovering All Blue – it would only be a puppet. He hit a very low point, on the cliffs by the Eastern Welcome House, upset at all he had lost, being separated from his crew, and being trapped in this city. He came to the conclusion that he would put up with being here, and not having the satisfaction of struggling and hunting and finding All Blue himself, he would live with it if it meant none of his other nakama were brought into Nautilus, and finding that their dreams (here and in their own world) were all for naught. He didn’t want them to arrive, and become upset when they found out their dreams were pointless here, especially certain crewmates. He had some deep discussions about being in Nautilus and the people’s roles here, with some people he met on those cliffs, namely Circe, Rex, and the Deva Kergan.

Sanji met some more of Nautilus’ citizens, and began to settle himself a little. He was still upset over it all, but if life had taught him anything, it was to roll with the punches, and keep moving forward. He moved into the Southern Welcome House, and expressed an interest in finding a permanent place in the Eastern District, specifically by the water. He began taking Bending Lessons with Lelouch. His Bending, however, was a little slow going. After the first failed attempt at Bending food, he steadfastly refused to practice Bending up any more food, lest he ruin those attempts to, and the food would go to waste. He offered up his skills as a cook to a couple of the residents, and started making friendships with a few of the ladies [in particular Dana, Gwen, and Orihime] (and casual acquaintances with some of the men).

Character Personality:

The first thing anyone will notice about Sanji, is that he loves women. If there’s a lady nearby, he will flirt, and dote and swoon and fawn attention on her, to varying degrees. Sometimes, he’ll manage to be smooth and suave, and other times he’ll act like a complete and utter dork. It’s really hard to say which way he’ll go, until he gets going. More often than not, he usually fails, mostly from coming on far too strongly, but he takes it in stride (mostly). When a girl rejects him, he’ll likely mope for a bit, but then move on to the next girl. He doesn’t hold a grudge. He’s also a (bit of a) pervert, and sees nothing wrong with ogling and lusting after the ladies, or peeping on them in the baths.

That said, he does respect women. He won’t abide by anyone badmouthing a woman, and will yell (or even kick) at the offending men to discipline them. Woe betide you if you actually harm a lady in his presence. He’ll allow women to fight, but will also go out of his way to protect them, and make sure they are safe. He has a high code of chivalry, and will often act like a fine gentleman towards the ladies (when his goofiness/perviness hasn’t gotten control over him). Sanji likes to fancy himself as a knight in shining armour, or a Prince Charming, rescuing damsels in distress (and imagining the ways they would ‘thank’ him… from a simple kiss, to less ‘chaste’ stuff). Under no circumstances will he ever hit a lady; it’s something he’s completely incapable of. Even in the face of death, he will not strike a woman.

He’s usually completely the opposite when it comes to men. He’ll tolerate them at best, otherwise be indifferent to them. He can forge casual friendships with some, and be polite and cordial… if they are polite and cordial to him. If you act idiotically, however, he’ll treat you with disdain, as if you were beneath him. And woe betide the men that piss him off. Sanji will be abrasive, dismissive, snarky, and rude. And no man, even a friend, is above getting a solid kick when Sanji feels one is deserved. He’ll just control the strength of it, depending on whether he likes you or not.

It’s rare when he forms a close friendship with a man (and a close friendship, outside of flirting, with a woman at that)… but when he has, Sanji is a steadfast, loyal friend. He will defend you from your foes, lending his protection when they need it. He will support you, both physically and emotionally, though he’ll do so subtly in the case of the latter. ‘Masculine pride’, and the way he was raised won’t allow him to act too ‘sappily’ towards other men, but he’ll find some way of showing his concern and support, even if it’s couched in insults. If you’ve managed to become classified as “nakama” - the rarest and most special of honors to any Straw Hat - there is little to nothing he won’t do for you (even if he’ll complain about it, if you’re a man).

Sometimes, Sanji will be just as dorky, crazy and goofy as his other crewmates (that he usually yells at for being stupid). He’ll go on about ‘challenges of love’, and focus on completely the wrong thing (read: girl) at times. Occasionally, he’ll allow himself to join in on the fun, running and dancing and laughing along with the younger male crewmates, and acting the 19 years he is. Don’t let the ‘Love Cook’ persona, or the goofy persona fool you, though. Sanji is fairly intelligent, often coming up with and suggesting plots and courses of action. He’ll sometimes disappear from the group, to carry on some covert missions and sabotage. He can speak intelligently and carry on thoughtful conversations when its appropriate.

Sanji’s temper is a tricky, temperamental thing. He’s a fairly hot-blooded individual. He can be cool and level-headed, but can still be startled and surprised. Unless it’s something drastic, he can usually re-gather himself fairly quickly though. He is not easily intimidated. Attempts to intimidate him will often result in him being unimpressed, or snarking back. But when triggered/provoked, Sanji does have quite a hot temper, especially for certain things. He has little patience for idiocy, but there are a few things that really set him off. As mentioned earlier, he can’t stand anyone badmouthing or hurting women. The wasting or tampering of food also greatly upsets him, along with the mistreatment of food (and kitchen knives) for fighting. Another sore point for him is being told that he can‘t protect anyone. If you manage to trigger his temper, it can run VERY hot, and he’ll yell and rant loudly at the least. If provoked, he can easily be goaded into a fight.

Sanji tends to have a self-sacrificing nature at times, for those he deeply cares about. He will often jump in the line of fire for his nakama, as he feels he’s more able to take the damage than they are. He’ll shoulder some burdens, and take on extra tasks, or restrict himself for the sake of others. For example, he felt he owed a huge debt to Zeff, for saving his life and taking him in, and swore to himself that he would remain on the Baratie, helping with his restaurant and making that dream come true, because he believed he stole away Zeff’s strength and dream of finding All Blue. Sanji put his own dreams and desires on hold, steadfastly - and stubbornly - sticking by Zeff’s side.

Sanji can also show moments of caring and compassion towards others. Because of his past, he will never allow a person to go hungry. It doesn’t matter who they are; if they ask for food, he will provide it to them. He always wants to make sure people are well-fed, and happy from his meals. Sometimes he’ll be blunt, but will often say what people need to hear (and not what they want to hear).


In a world where there are people that are made out of fire, ice, electricity, sand… that can turn into bulls, falcons, wolves, giraffes… that can create earthquakes, separate body parts, and push things like the abstract concept of pain out of a person… Sanji is a normal, ‘standard’ human being.

That’s not to say he’s powerless, though.

Sanji has an incredible - what can easily be classified as super-human - strength. He can kick things around that weigh up to 600 lbs (eg: Absalom [chp. 463]). He can jump incredibly high, and can split boulders with his kicks. While the bulk of his power lies in his hips and legs, his arm strength isn’t too shabby, either. He said that he would have been able to hammer a barrel through the deck of their ship (eg: the lesson on Impact Dials [chp. 257]).

He’s also quite flexible, which he takes advantage of to pull off various moves while fighting. He can easily perform the splits (including lifting a leg straight into the air, vertically, while maintaining his balance), and can twist and spin with extreme ease (and doesn’t get dizzy easily). Sanji also is very fast, with quick reflexes. He is a strong swimmer, and can hold his breath for a long time.

This isn’t really a power, but more of a highly trained skill. Sanji is a superb cook, holding the position of sous-chef at the Baratie. He can be considered a 5-star chef, with a huge knowledge of food and the preparation of it. If he doesn’t know a recipe, or a type of food, or even a different style of cooking, he’s eager to learn all about it.

First person:
[Sanji appears on the Network, a broad smile on his face.] Greetings, ladies of Nautilus~! ♥ As it is that most wonderful day of passion, in that glorious season of love... to honor this day I've created many delights for all you angels! ♥ I have cakes, petit fours, cupcakes, and various chocolate desserts of all sorts to celebrate Valentine's Day with. Please feel free to come down and partake of all you'd like! If you have any special requests, I would be most happy to fill them out for you.

[He paused, then his voice lowered a little.] Oy, you louts are all free to come help yourselves, too, I suppose... If you have girlfriends, you'd better come down here and get something for her!

[His expression brightened again.] I'm also going to hold a special, Valentine's Dinner here, for all happy couples to come and have a night of fine-dining and romance! I'll be closing the restaurant after four, and be open for couples only past that. I'm taking reservations, so please let me know if you'd like to book a table here for tonight.

Some examples of the dishes I will have on-hand are red snapper and cepes in a port reductio... spice-coated rack of lamb... and pasta with pumpkin-sage cream sauce. If you have other preferences, I will be happy to cook whatever you desire.

I look forward to seeing all you lovely ladies today~! ♥

Third Person:

Sanji found his thoughts drifting, as he swept the floors of his restaurant after closing. Sure, he could just Bend the dust away, but there was just something about the repetitive motion of sweeping that lulled his thoughts into a quiet, contemplative state and helped to relax him. It was a way to wind down the day after all the guests had gone; an calm end to the hustle and bustle of the kitchen. Well, sometimes. There had been other people to foist that task onto on the Baratie, but occasionally, he had still picked up a broom, intent on keeping the kitchen and dining room clean, and he had done the same on the Going Merry.

The Merry… Sanji stopped for a moment, and stared out of one of the large windows, looking out to sea. How were they faring? Were Nami-san and Robin-chan well? Were the idiots behaving themselves?

Sanji knew it was a stupid thing to think. Time stopped back home, while he was here, and wouldn’t continue until he went back. None of them would ever know he had been gone. None of them did know he’d been gone. It didn’t stop him from wondering, though… from worrying about them. About all of them. Sanji might deny it vehemently to anyone who would listen, but in the privacy of his own mind, he could admit that he worried about his male crewmates just as strongly as he did the female ones. He couldn’t help it. They were close, they were friends, they were family… they were nakama.

He’d go back, soon… to see how they were. To see his two beautiful angels again. To see if Usopp was growing any braver, or still spun his tall tales. To see if little Chopper was just as gullible as before, falling for those tall tales. To see what sort of crazy fights the Marimo was getting himself into now. To see what sort of chaos Luffy led them into next…

Pushing away the feelings of homesickness that threatned to overtake him, and putting away the dustpan and broom, Sanji turned off the lights, then headed for the stairs. Yes. He would go home, soon, he decided. Return to his crewmates, and follow with their adventures some more. Bask in their company, even he couldn’t reach out to them the way he wanted to… touch them and tell them all he’d seen. But so long as they were safe, Sanji would force himself to be content with that.

He hoped everyone here in Nautilus would be okay while he was gone. Who knows what craziness the next Reality Storm would bring? He just hoped it was only going to be a mild irritation, and nothing serious, or that nothing happened at all. There were other places to eat in Nautilus, but at least while he was here, there was still the bell by the front door, in case there were any late-night stragglers, in need of a meal. Yes, there was Bending, but just in case… even if it was late at night… if someone needed food, he would provide it.


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