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* 301) Aug. 27: {Recipe 026} Home's A-Callin' Sanji announces that he'll be returning home for a while.

* 302) Sept. 13: {Cat Storm!} {Recipe 027} Yet More Furr-stration. Sanji returns to Nautilus and is immediately turned into a cat.

* 303) Sept. 16: {Cat Storm!} A Fishing We Will Go~ Sanji tries fishing as a cat.

+ 304) Sept. 17: {Cat Storm!} Luna (gently) rebukes those that have been wailing about the cat storm. Sanji says he's actually not too bothered with this change, this time.

+ 305) Sept. 18: {Cat Storm!} Kay models her 'kitten mittens'. Sanji's isn't particularly thrilled.

* 306) Sept. 21: {Cat Storm!} Sanji, Ace and Zoro cats end up in a snuggle pile. Only for the storm to end while they're asleep.

+ 307) Sept. 30: North (Santa) arrives in Nautilus. Sanji, like so many others, are stunned.

+ 308) Oct. 1: Lucas announces that Wheeljack has gone back to sleep. Sanji's a little disappointed in the news.

+ 309) Oct. 2: Nunnally asks if anyone has heard from Rapunzel. Sanji's upset to hear another Wakened lady might have gone back to Sleep.

+ 310) Oct. 3: Alphone makes the announcement than he and Ed are going back home - for good. Sanji wishes him safe journeys.

+ 311) Oct. 3: Katze asks people about 'family'. Sanji - a little hesitatingly - answers.

* 312) Oct. 12: Pain & Plans. Sanji's really sore after his Advanced Bending lessons with Lelouch... and starts thinking about decorating the All Blue up for Halloween.

+ 313) Oct. 16: Kay is hyped up on lattes, and Zoro comments to her comments. His words give Sanji concerns.

+ 314) Oct. 16: Zoro's carving jack-o-lanterns. Sanji comes out to join him.

+ 315) Oct. 17: Lelouch makes a post about setting a police force back up. Sanji declines, stating that pirates and police don't usually work well together.

+ 316) Oct. 22: Ace is telling Halloween-ish stories down on the beach. Sanji decides to join him.

+ 317) Oct. 25: It's Nunnally's birthday! Sanji offers to make her her favourite dessert as a gift.

+ 318) Oct. 28: Rarity announces her shop is open. Sanji congratulates her.

* 319) Oct. 28: {Recipe 028} Another Goodbye. Sanji lets Nautilus know that Israfel has gone to Sleep.

* 320) Oct. 30: Some Lighthearted Halloween Pranking. Sanji turns himself into a cat on his own for the first time, to 'play' with his nakama a little (and turns into a very serious talk with Ace).

+ 321) Oct. 31: Death and Irene go Trick-or-Treating. The Dream of the All Blue is one of the places handing out candy.

+ 322) Nov. 2: Ace says he's going back home for a bit. Sanji is worried, but is trying to keep optimistic.

+ 323) Nov. 5: Wheeljack arrives in Nautilus. Only it's not the Wheeljack Sanji knows.

+ 324) Nov. 5: Ace returns to Nautilus. Sanji and Zoro are waiting for him back home.

+ 325) Nov. 5: V sets up a bonfire on the eastern beach. Ace is naturally drawn to it, and Sanji follows.
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