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♥ the Love Cook ♥

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RP account for RP (Department of Redundancy is Redundant). Please do not friend journal (unless we've talked + agreed to beforehand). Character does not belong to me; character belongs to Eiichiro Oda - I'm just playing in the sandbox. :3

Interests (39):

baking, baratie, brook, chivalry, chopper, cooking, feeding people, fighting, fishing, flirting, food, franky, going merry, ladies, learning new recipes, love, loving women, luffy, mornings, nakama, nami, nami-swan, pretty ladies, pretty women, protecting my nakama, robin, robin-chan, romance, sailing, shitty old geezer, smoking, tending to my ladies, thousand sunny, usopp, vivi, vivi-chan, women, zeff, zoro

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