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Date: 2012-10-07 02:13 am (UTC)
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+ 126) Aug. 22: Ahri arrives and asks for help. How can Sanji refuse?

+ 127) Aug. 25: Dib proposes a meeting about the "alien threat". Sanji feels tired over this.

+ 128) Aug. 27: Dib's presentation on Zim. It goes about as well as one would expect.

+ 129) Aug. 28: Ratchet asks how many know the history of Nautilus. Sanji knows there are still things he doesn't know.

* 130) Aug. 28: {Recipe 008} Pondering Preparations. Sanji rambles and asks about how to organize better during a crisis.

+ 131) Sept. 1: Nautilus catches Rebecca + Bev in a mud bath. Sanji passes out from delight. (just 1 post)

* 132) Sept. 3: {Recipe 009} Calling in my construction crew. Sanji asks for V & Wally's help in completing his restaurant.

+ 133) Sept. 7: Holiday and Marian attempt to cook. It's amazing the house is still standing.

+ 134) Sept. 9: Beverly is upset over stuff. Sanji can't stand to see a lady's tears.

+ 135) Sept. 10: Discord starts causing, well, discord. Sanji is one of his targets...

+ 136) Sept. 13: Orihime starts imitating Oscar the Grouch. Sanji is a little concerned (under Discord's effect himself).

* 137) Sept. 14: {Recipe 010} What's the Point? Thanks to Discord's effect, Sanji's questioning/giving up on his restaurant.

+ 138) Sept. 19: Holiday tries to figure out a common thread with everyone acting weird. Sanji mentions his crumbling restaurant.

* 139) Sept. 23 (backdated): Coming Back to One's Senses Sanji muses about those that helped him when his mind had been twisted.

* 140) Sept. 23 (backdated): {Recipe 011} Giving Thanks Sanji thanks those that helped to pull him out of Discord's influence.

+ 141) Sept. 23: Beverly suggests a 'Doctor Holiday Appreciation Week'. That's an idea Sanji can get behind.

+ 142) Sept. 24: Eric attempts to lay down some 'laws' in Nautilus. Like a pirate would listen to a prince...

+ 143) Sept. 24: Clover + Sam have fun with Eric's statue. Eric objects, and Sanji objects to Eric's objection.

+ 144) Sept. 25: Eric apologizes. Sanji is a little more graceful in accepting than he normally would be.

+ 145) Sept. 25: Doc Holiday Appreciation Week. Sanji brings her his gifts.

+ 146) Sept. 26: Ratchet tells the history of Nautilus. Sanji attends the meeting.

+ 147) Sept. 27: Beverly announces her birthday is coming up. Sanji asks her if she'd like cake.

+ 148) Sept. 29: Bev cancels the party. Sanji asks if everything's okay.

+ 149) Oct. 2: Ahri comments on the various animal-types in Nautilus. Sanji says if you think about it, it's surprising there's not more.

* 150) Oct. 4: Pulling It All Together. Sanji gets down to finally finishing repairs/work on his restaurant.
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